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YoBeat Fight Club: Tedore vs Sell


Snowboarding is a total pussy sport. But you know what isn’t a pussy sport? Fighting. So here at YoBeat we decided to pit some snowboard-types against each other in a battle of brawn each month (or however often we get a new fight together.) First up, two former pros turned industry dudes: Sean Tedore vs. Robbie Sell. Before we get down to the action though, we checked in with some experts to see who might come out on top in this match up.

Tedore. Robbie’s a little more spindly. Tedore used to date a personal trainer. I think he’s kinda pumped up–Jen Sherowski

Robbie would definitely win, because he would play dirty. He would start biting.–Scotty Wittlake

I am going to pick Tedore cause he would hit you his iPhone. He probably has an app for beating people up. — Cory Grove

Maybe Robbie. He might stab Tedore because he is into weapons- Nick Dirks

They’re both skinny, but I think Tedore would win because he’s a little feisty one. Actually no he wouldn’t win, because he would be looking at his reflection in the mirror checking out how his hair looks.–Leanne Pelosi

Oh well Tedore has that fucked knee, and Robbie is kind of skinny artsy. Hmmmm. I will go with Robbie.- Todd Richards

Sean would win. Robbie would think too much, and by the time he had his game plan set, Tedore would have knocked him out! And he’d probably try to set up some flashes so he could take some action photos too.–Lance Hakker

It’s a GREAT match up. They seem like they could get pissed, but once they hit the other one once really good they’d feel so bad they’d, go in for the hug…. and the other guy that got hit would let them for a second and then push them off… holding their beaten parts, hunched in sadness… — Mikey Leblanc

I lived with both those guys a few years ago. Sean Tedore used to straighten his hair, so I could picture Tedore pulling out a hair straightener and burning Robbie with it. Plus, Robbie could not beat up a single person on earth. It’s true. — Preston Strout

I don’t know Sell very well, but Tedore isn’t very tough. I’d say Janna Meyen can take them both- Peter Line

I think Robbie Sell has more grit and would fight to the death with Tedore.  I think it would be a good fight, Sean is pretty scrappy (he learned that from Winston his bulldog) However, Robbie has more experience and it would probably help in the endurance department.  Getting all fight formal, I think it would go 6 rounds and end an a TKO. Robbie Sell’s arm would be raised in victory. Don’t fuck with Mr. Burns.–Dave Appel

Enough beating around the bush. Let’s check out what went down.

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Comments (19)

  1. HAHAHA! I love YOBEAT!

  2. Bahahahah! I would pay big money to see that fight.

  3. Tough.

  4. Sell. Tedore’s nose is a already a double kink rail. And he snorts like his dog Winston out that beak. He’s claiming Sinus infection. Psshh…..He’s definitely lost a few in his day. Sell = 1 – Tedore = 0.

  5. Neither would win… They’d be to worried about scuffing up their skinny jeans.

  6. I want it to be a break dance fight. or a west side story type fight

  7. where is that last clip from?

  8. These Norcal Broheims wouldn’t know what to do in a physical fight, I think they would fight with verbal abuses like: “I used to be cooloer than you used to be…” or “I used to have more sponsors than you used too…” or “I use to be a bigger hater than you!..”


    go eat some humble pie

  9. I think tedore’s watch gets bigger everytime I see it. Seriously Sean, you could knock someone out with a good back hand.

  10. holy shit!

    yo beat comes correct.

    nice work.

  11. I’d pick Tedore if he had better knees, but that kid loved flat landings a little too much. Robbie carries a camera around- so he will document Tedore’s last stand. Sell also has major handrail skills, Tedore never left the boxes.

  12. Robbie would pull out his AK

  13. THey’re both gay, so they would end up wrestling each other into a porno pretzel of pleasure. Go eat a dick.

  14. People who anonymously comment aren’t tough. It takes a real man to put his face out there and speak his mind.

  15. robbie would start with a fifth a of beam, pull out his switch blade and imediately get punched in the back of the head cause he was facing the wrong way.

    but tmez is right because then the redding redneck would come out in robbie with the Ak ablazin and its game over for tedore.

  16. he would pull a knife out, then get knocked the fuck out, while his buddies hide in the bathroom

  17. so many people know about that crack head night at dannys. robbie you are still cool. past is past right?? Magoon just got whipped up for realz in truckee, deservingly so, such a little bitch shit talker that cant back himself up. the kid will be washed up and broke in a year.


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