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Weekend Results Recap

There were a bunch of contests this past week/weekend. Here’s what we know:

Mt Baker Banked Slalom

Pro Men

1. Nate Holland
2. Graham Watanabe
3. Temple Cummins

Pro Women

1. Maelle Ricker
2. Helene Olafsen
3. Marni Yamada

Burton Canadian Open

1 Mikkel Bang NOR Burton 91.50
2 Sebastien Toutant CAN O`Neill 87.83
3 Charles Reid CAN Burton 83.83

1 Silvia Mittermueller GER Oakley 78.50
2 Megan Ginter USA Ride 77.83
3 Mary Sallah USA Flow 73.17

1 Palmer Taylor CAN Burton 82.83
2 Sarah Conrad CAN Ride 80.33
3 Lisa Wiik NOR Roxy 73.33

1 Jed Anderson CAN Salomon 94.67
2 Justin Lamoureux CAN Whistler 92.67
3 Jeff Batchelor CAN Burton 87.00

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