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Waterville Valley’s Jibfest ’99

Waterville Valley’s Jibfest ’99

October 6th, 1999

Beautiful fall foliage and green grass make for the perfect condition for an early season jib. The snow was actually the product of a mashed up hockey rink, but everything else is real. Andy Benhardt. Photo Ben Fee/ Bendini Productions.

Matty Ryan came all the way up from wherever it is he’s from to practice for his new role as the Forum stunt double. He even had the green bindings to prove it. Photo Ben Fee/ Bendini Productions.

Dave McAlpine, look ma, no hands! Photo: Ben Fee/ Bendini Productions.

The Quadzilla really adds to this super gnarly railslide. I’d almost say that Matty Ryan is extreme. Photo: Ben Fee/Bendini Productions.

That’s all for now. See you in a couple weeks.

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